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Game exits me out when I try to save a run

Cant save runs

Could be a lot better for the price.

The environment and physics are cool and I like how the foot placement is true to life for the most part. The major downside, besides a lot of glitches, is having to copy lines from people in order to unlock the other 7 places. Thats so stupid. I dont care what other people are doing, I just wanted a casual skate game. So essentially you pay $5 to get one level because good luck doing quad dragon flips and all the other weird tricks no one can copy since its obvious theyre doing the equivalent of button mashing.

Great game, but very laggy

This game is very fun, and Ive recommended it to all of my friends, however, there are FAR too many bugs in the game. Ive got an iPhone 5s and it runs very smooth at times, and other times its very laggy, and crashes my phone. It also makes my phone way hotter than it should get, meaning Ive got to put my phone down because it hurts my hand. Overall, the game itself is very good, but it cripples my device everyone I play it. So perhaps if youve got a newer device, you dont have to worry, but I did.

Lag / glitchy game play

I love the game overall . Only problem I have is that the gameplay is a bit glitchy and laggy . Also would you guys possibly consider adding some new maps on there as well?

Minor buffs

Love this game. Totally worth the 5 bucks if youre a skater. My only complaint is that I noticed while doing some runs that theres glitchy walls and such(berrics). Also I would like to have more spots to skate like Wallenberg.

Glitchy but fun.

Feels incomplete but fun. Looking forward to updates


Add a park like Hastings bowl Vancouver skate plaza Indoor wood ward parks Please ...

Best skate game ever made!!!

This game is the best skate game ever$$!!

Add to game pls

It would be awesome of you made it like true skate and the board got wear on it and you also had an option to repair your board. If you could add this it would be my favourite game in the world. This game is awesome 10/10. Also can you guys add element boards and vans shoes plz

Awesome game, but...

I love this game. Its pretty much everything Ive been looking for in a game since I got my phone, but its too small. Its definitely worth the money spent but once you finish everything and youve done every trick at every spot on every board it gets repetitive. Just waiting for more spots and decks but otherwise its perfect.

Great but

Need to add special effects lik grind marks to the boards and ever thing else thats on the board

Great game

Great game. Tons of fun. But its almost impossible to unlock spots due to the lines some people have done. Should have more unlocked from the start and then some to unlock.


Needs little more work Other than that it is amazing

Mega Ramp

Please just add a HUGE mega ramp for us to hit 720 macs off of And if you want to add me on PSN its IchiharaTK


this game is legit the best skate game for ios. My only concern is that ive unlocked everything and have done all the achievement situation thingys, but its not updating in my game center, it says i only have 10/25 when in reality i should have 25/25

Great game ! But...

First off, Id like to say that this is by far the best skateboarding game on the app store. Great graphics, good over all feel & flow to the parks, and love the control mechanics. The one thing that I would like to touch on though is the foot positioning. Its the same position for ever trick... Never once have I seen anyone set up for a Tre flip with their front foot on the top bolts. So if the foot positioning was a bit more realistic it would be a home run!

Small improvements will make a big difference

This game is amazing and addicting, but there should be more spots/maps. Also better mechanics on ramps and bigger maps.


True skate is 10x better. Try a Nollie shuv n all that happens is the bar for the 180 slides

hate it

literally paid $5 for the game to freeze

Want more spots

Im stuck on the first spot.. I spent $5 on this game and I think you should get all the levels when you get the game

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