Skater - Skate Legendary Spots, Perfect Board Feel Recenzje App


it seems as the devs have just completely given up on the game. really disappointing! arguably the best/has the most potential skateboarding game on iPhone!

Best review you will read on skater app

I like to think I’m a connoisseur if these types of games (touchgrind 1 n 2 ) true skate and now skater. I have to say that touch grind really embodies the physical representation of skateboard rotation and is executed very well in Skater app, it really embodies the evolution of what that game could have become. Now, someone in all of that fuzz I got lost because when I picked up True skate and played for about a year or two now I really got used to the overall mechanic and how the controls work. You can say I mastered the games rotation/tilt/ controls and to my advantage it feel like I’m chris Joslin at street league 2016. True skate is really fluid like and it really depends on if you skate in real life because the physics engine is truly built around real representations of how a board should interact. Now I just bought skater. And after the first 25 minutes I can say that this game is really well polished but it leans a little to far towards a feeling of being fixed, more that of like a tony hawk pro skater feel. And I really just couldn’t get into it, it’s not a graphics or performance issue but more so an overall mechanics being way too clunky and fixed to really give you that sense of freedom and control that I’ve always wanted. Now had I started playing skater first maybe this review would be the other way around but I beg to differ, because I deleted true skate 5 times before ever really giving it my full attention and I believe that after you realize how much potential the game truly gives you there is no comparison. Shoes in a game are a cool addition imo and I think that touches a lot of people who don’t like the spinning mechanic in true skate but I think that having overall differences is key to having a unique experience. After 1 whole day of playing I really just think that the lack of responsiveness that the game skater has really breaks the deal for me. This is jus tony opinion but I also think true skate requires more dedication and precision when it comes to landing your tricks on a bar or doing blunt slides down a 15 stair. At the end of the day just pick the game you think feels best. Who cares about looks.

Game is fun but want more

The game is very fun but I’ve played the same maps over and over so if you can please add more skate spots like LA city hall etc


This game is so fun but I wish they had darkslides In the game that would make it so good but outer wise it is a 3/5

Y’all scando

I’m a skater in real life and I’m mad that I’ve wasted money on it... I’ve done the tutorial and saved some runs only to find out that when I copied runs I can’t go to the next spot... this was a waste of a hard earned 6 dollars... y’all gotta do better


The game won’t load past 85%

Fix this game pls

I like be this game and I also paid 5 bucks for it the least you could do is keep it working efficiently its so buggy

New spot

Do Nyjah a park as a spot!!!!

Needs more parks

It’s very fun to use but it would be much better if they had parks like tampa pro and sls so we feel like we’re in contests.


Don’t buy this game if you like keeping your progress, because my progress was lost entirely lost after completing the game. Don’t buy it’s not worth it

Needs a update

I would totally pay for more parks and more customization. Game is so much better than other skateboarding apps. Just needs some love because developers haven’t done anything in a while :(

game won’t start?

i start app and it doesn’t proceed after the splash screen.


I love the game it is great and I skate everday so I decided to try it


Update with new spots already!!!

Read please

This game stole stunts that I made and called it their own just why game why.

Pretty decent

alright so i live copying runs. but the 2nd to last spot has some of the most unrealistic runs from players, that you can’t even advance to the next available spot. also if you can add no comply’s.

Love the game but a few downsides

I really love this game especially revive skateboards I skateboard in real life but when it’s rainy days I wanted a game or a good skate game to play and I found this one from Andrew shrock This game is amazing but there are a few downsides I wish there were more places to skate at like Braille hide out or the shred courters and stuff like that yea although I really love the game

Not Worth It

While it can be fun and is more true to skateboarding than most apps, it’s not worth the $6. The mechanics are awful and the controls don’t make any sense. There are also too many bugs that make the game frustrating straight off the bat. Don’t buy this game

Awesome just make a mega ramp

And custom parks and online

Okay game now

Don’t get me wrong this is a great game but I am so sick and tired of skating the same spots over and over again. Out of all the spots only like 3 of them are actually worth playing the game in it. Common now.


This game used to be awesome there’s a bug now that’s making the board float all weird I’m not going to delete it I just hope y’all put an update out soon

Great but glitchy

This is a very great game but it is very glitchy after I do a grind it won’t let me Ollie and when I turn it glitches all over the place I hop you can fix that but otherwise it’s very good!

Okay game now

This game is really good, but we need some new levels and there's a lot of glitchyness

Not enough possibilities

I love this game. But I prefer touchgrind skating by a long shot. I only got this game cause it’s possible to do 180s and 360s. It’s not worth 5 but it’s a good game.

Won’t start

I have been trying to get this game to start for quite a while but it just won’t load up... I use an iPhone 7 and I have the latest iOS software update as of June. I just don’t know why the game will not load. If someone could guide me through it it would greatly appreciated!


This app is terrible. All it wants to do waste your money. Don’t buy it

Pretty awesome!

I mean this game is awesome! It’s something that is like true skate. But it’s still rocks! Fun glitches, cool gear, well designed spots, and fun games of skate! I do think you should buy this game!

Please fix

Can you guys please fix your game when I try to do a trick and i don’t land it it sends me flying idk why and my shoes keeps sliding of the board and it’s annoying Please fix it I put money into this game

Best Skate Game

Best game by far for your phone, takes a little time to get used to controls but once you get it down it’s a great pass time. Only wish there were more levels.

Needs board customization

This game is fun but would be a lot better if you could pick your own trucks, wheels, deck, and grip. It would also be cool to be able to play s.k.a.t.e. online back and forth with friends on other phones

Ye boi

I love this game so much but is there going to be dark slide grinds

Game won’t open

I use an iPhone X and the game won’t open all the way. It loads to about 75% and then the app crashes.

Super glitchy

The game is constantly glitching out and not letting you do anything.

Waste of money

Bought it liked it, couldn’t get out of tutorial due to crashing. Uninstalled app and restarted phone several times. Waste of money. Wish I could give it zero stars.

Not worth 5 dollars

I skate almost daily so I wanted to get a good skate game to play when I’m not skating. The controls are a bit weird but easy to get used to. The graphics are excellent however it would be cool if there were more options for your setup. As far as the physics of the game, they are a bit broken. The game crashes occasionally and glitches often. There is no transition so you’re stuck to just rails, ledges, and flat ground tricks for the most part. You can unlock new skate spots however there are only about 8 that you can unlock. Overall the game is pretty fun however I wouldn’t pay 5 dollars for the developers to never update the game. Kinda feels like a rip off.


Sls is constantly on Instagram promoting how the game is free for today only, except it’s never actually free. Finally a broke down and paid the $2 for it. I thought the game wasn’t great but that’s a personal opinion. The level was pretty lame and you have to pay to each level. It’s a blatant money grab by sls with poor marketing. This is not what skateboarding is about. Returned for a refund. I cannot support this app or sls with their shady tactics. Don’t you make enough money?

Great gameplay

Gameplay is great, just needs stuff added, like new spots, gear, and if possible - more tricks. I downloaded this game over a year ago and played the hell out of it - now I just keep it in case they ever update and add new content, but they never do. If they actually put out new content and put some effort into updating the game I’d give it 5 Stars.


So I’ve had this game for awhile. Deleted it because the scoring was bugged. And there were no updates for it. I’ve just gotten it back yesterday and there’s now a new bug. After attempting any trick. Instead of landing, the board acts as if it hasn’t hit the ground and you get stuck sliding around. This is annoying and really interrupts gameplay enough for me to not want to play anymore already.

A few major bugs

Love the game, but carlsbad and Hollywood 16 are completely glitched. It happened on my phone and my iPad where I fall through the map and don’t stop falling. Please help

Not worth it

Cool game, however I don’t think it’s worth 6 bucks. Plus it glitches a lot

It’s okay but eats up battery

The game itself is fun. It gets old quick because the levels are small and there aren’t too many. The main issue is the game drains your battery like crazy. Definitely more battery intensive than any other game I have played. It’s decent but once again, it gets really old really quick.

Great game but needs update

I love this game, it is way better than True Skate in my opinion. I play it all the time, I just wish you would add more levels. They don’t need to be anything fancy or exact replicas, just anything different at this point would be nice.

Enjoyable to a certain point

True Skate definitely has more features and parks, but when it comes to a skate game where you actually have control, Skater takes it for sure. True Skate isn't fun because it's nearly impossible to play, but with skate you have so much more control over your board that it makes it so much more fun. Yeah True Skate may have more spots (which is one of the downsides of this game - it definitely lacks content), but you'll have more fun playing this game with the little spots you have rather than spending hours on hours trying to land a trick on True Skate and it's many spots. Overall, this is a solid skate game. A bit hard to get used to in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it it's extremely fun. It lacks content and spots which makes the game really boring and the developers don't do enough to update its users with news on what's going on which gets frustrating, but I'm sure they're adding some good stuff. This game is fun and enjoyable nevertheless and worth the money.

I really enjoy this game but....

I really like this game but to be honest it’s a bit bland. There isn’t many customization options and I wish there were because you would have a diverse amount of players choose what they want, such examples as different grip tape, different shoes, even keep up to date with the newest boards. Plus I’m really hoping you guys do this to enhance what the players want to do. And even go as beyond as to add new places. The game isn’t bad it just needs more.

5 dollars for a game I can’t do everything on

If I pay 5 dollars for a game I expect to be able to skate all spots, instead of having to copy runs that I can’t do

Waste of 5 dollars

If you guys could make some updates that’d be nice, the game isn’t playable. Come on people. I wish I could give this zero stars

Stops working

Seems like a fun game but it shuts off on me everytime I get to the point where I have to click the pin and save a trick at the 9/10 part. Pls fix

New map time

Hey guys it’s time for a new map

Great game! Best SB game out there

This game is addictive. I find myself trying to land a line for 30 minutes at a time. Many cool spots and gear! But please add even more spots to the game! I find myself getting stuck at stoner park all the time because it has one of the best layouts. Please add more parks and cool spots!

Need more levels

Great game but needs more levels!

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